Sierra Ventures: Our Early-Stage Investment in Pantomath

Sierra Ventures: Our Early-Stage Investment in Pantomath

Written by

Mark Fernandes

Published on

January 23, 2024

Michelin 2-Star Restaurant to Revolutionizing Data Observability

The Journey of Pantomath’s Founder Somesh Saxena


If you think being a chef at a top restaurant is hard work, try figuring out the cause of data problems at a large enterprise. That’s exactly what Somesh Saxena, the founder of Pantomath decided to do with his career in just his 20s. From Gordon Ramsay’s (for you foodies) NY restaurant to running Data & Analytics at GE Aerospace, Somesh has constantly pursued excellence. After over six years of trying various solutions to help his team resolve complex data reliability issues and getting frustrated, he decided to start Pantomath to address the very problem he was attempting to solve.


Pantomath is a data pipeline observability and traceability platform for automating data operations and improving data reliability. The real-time monitoring and cross-platform pipeline lineage allows enterprise customers to detect data reliability issues through real-time alerts, troubleshoot them with end-to-end cross-platform technical lineage and aggregated logs, identify root causes, and resolve issues quickly. In less than a year since launching the platform, almost a dozen large demanding customers like FIS, Paycor, Wex, and others trust Pantomath to help the root cause of their problems.


Sierra Ventures led Pantomath’s Series A in 2023. We have a strong pedigree in the data space with investments like Teradata (NYSE: TDC), Greenplum (EMC), Treasure Data (ARM), and Astronomer. We believe that the data observability space will rapidly emerge over the next few years and has some very similar parallels to application performance management (APM), which gave birth to AppDynamics and New Relic, as well as fueled broader observability players like Datadog, Splunk, and Dynatrace. Pantomath is very well positioned to be a leader in the space and we are excited to be an early investor in their journey.


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