Luke Lonergan - Co-founder & CTO
Scott Yara - Co-founder

Greenplum pioneered the use of open source databases for enterprise-class Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing. Greenplum’s family of database products, called Bizgres, comprised solutions suited to installations ranging from departmental data marts to multi-terabyte data warehouses.

Acquired by EMC in 2010

Investing in enterprise of tomorrow, today.

"When we looked for our first Silicon Valley investment firm, Scott and I were lucky enough to have a few to choose from. Sierra Ventures was among a small few that had built some of the world's best hard core infrastructure companies, including Teradata, and we talked with Peter Wendell all about it. While most VC firms seemed to be chasing whatever was recently popular, Sierra was targeting enterprise as a long term core theme. All of our target VC firms had partners with great operational experience, but Tim Guleri stood out as someone who was already hard at work in ways we understood as founders - he was talking to prospective customers, talking to us about operational details and the sales process - he got it. It felt like we could work together toward our goal of making Greenplum great so we jumped into the Sierra Ventures pool with Tim. After years of working through many challenges and some great successes, we made a big impact and then sold the company. Tim Guleri was exactly what we first thought - a hard working fellow entrepreneur who's now working with that passion focused on making his companies successful!"

Luke Lonergan

Founder & CTO,Greenplum

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