Investing in Early-Stage Excellence


At Sierra, we are passionate about the early stage and look to make meaningful investments and long-standing commitments to our founders.

We have a roll-up-our-sleeves attitude toward working with our portfolio, and we don't shy away from tough times and difficult conversations when our founders need us most.

We are deeply committed to a partnership with founders. We don't believe that a big ego belongs in the boardroom or any room; We value collaboration, open-mindedness, and humility.

We approach our investments with a focused, knowledge-driven mindset, leveraging our expertise and extensive network to fuel growth capital and business acceleration.

With 35 IPOs and hundreds of successful exits, Sierra has a proven track record in driving early-stage excellence at scale. 


Where We Invest


Sierra is an early-stage Venture Capital firm investing in Seed and Series A-stage companies. 


Sierra invests in founders no matter where they live.

Sierra Ventures is based in Silicon Valley with Austin, Boston, NYC, and Singapore team members. 


Check size for Seed: $1M-$3.5M

Check size for Series A: $4M-8M

Sectors of Interest


The transition of software deployment from on-premise to the cloud revolutionized the delivery of B2B software products and services. Now with advancements in AI, a new breed of SaaS startups are emerging and they arre more efficient than ever.


The emergence of large language models in generative AI represents a transformative breakthrough with profound implications for the enterprise. New technologies are enabling humans to work alongside AI co-pilots, automating some tasks, transforming others, and creating new roles, ultimately enhancing creativity and productivity.

Security / Infrastructure

Cybersecurity remains a top-of-mind problem for enterprises as new threat vectors emerge with the rise of Cloud, IoT, and state-sponsored threats. We believe in investing in platform shifts, and some of the platform trends we’re tracking closely are Kubernetes and the rise of DevSecOps.

Digital Health

Healthcare is an industry fraught with challenges, and we’re finding that tech can be applied across the 4 P’s – Payers, Providers, Patients, and Pharma.


The need for advanced technology solutions today is greater than ever.  From quantum unprecedented computational power to the future of robotics seeing increasingly sophisticated in augmenting productivity and simplifying complex tasks.


A fast-growing commerce market has been bolstered in the last few years and every part of the value change is seeing disruption. The commerce software market is driven by market trends like headless commerce and recommence.