Vignesh Ravikumar Health Tech Feature on Crunchbase - Sierra Ventures

Written by

Sarah Recinos

Published on

June 22, 2020

Sierra Ventures Principal Vignesh Ravikumar shares why data is a lifeline for Health Tech startups now more than ever. In the Crunchbase article, Vignesh discusses the massive shift the Healthcare industry is undergoing and how data is playing an even bigger role with the rise of personalized medicine leading to pharma companies in need of more, and more specific, data.

Health care as an industry is expected to be resilient given that it is critical in keeping people safe and, as we’ve seen all too clearly, ensuring that our economies can continue to run and remain strong. Even though coronavirus will continue to dominate the headlines, diseases like cancer are not going anywhere anytime soon, which we expect will sustain the drive for data.

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Vignesh focuses on investments in digital health/health care IT, enterprise SaaS, and vertical SaaS and has led investments in Reify Health and Outcomes4Me.