Citi Recognizes Omniex As Industry Leader

Citi Recognizes Omniex As Industry Leader

Written by

Sarah Recinos

Published on

March 4, 2021

Omniex, a startup that offers solutions for buy-side and service provider clients looking to participate in the new digital and crypto asset class, was recognized as a pioneer in the crypto ecosystem by Citi's “Bitcoin: At the Tipping Point” report. Their technology was featured in the section on the maturity of the institutional infrastructure.Citi notes that, "Part of what is helping to drive narrowing spreads is a growing focus on 'best execution'," and that "emerging portfolio and risk trading platforms such as Omniex are building ways to perform these calculations." The report further references the Omniex suite of execution algorithms and their ability to minimize slippage and reduce market impact.Omniex is a financial services technology company that provides solutions for the access, trading, and management of crypto and digital assets. With their deep understanding of capital markets and institutional finance, Omniex is leading the way for crypto and digital asset adoption.Omniex works with:

  • Buy-Side Institutions: Crypto-First Funds, Traditional Hedge Funds, and Investment Managers.
  • Service Providers: FinTech Providers, Broker Dealers, and Digital Custodians.

If you're interested in learning more about how Omniex can optimize your crypto execution workflow contact the Report.