Our Thesis.

Sierra Ventures invests in the future of The Enterprise. We invest early – primarily Seed and Series A – and look for proven product market fit, disruption in the market, and strong IP. We tend to lead investment rounds and reserve capital for follow on rounds to support our entrepreneurs as they grow.

We believe that partnership is paramount.

We work closely with all of the entrepreneurs we invest in, guiding them with expertise and capital to help their companies grow and deliver on their promise. We understand that great companies don’t get built overnight, and we don’t mind rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty. In fact, we enjoy it.

Sierra’s Investment Focus

Next Generation

Multi-industry disruption with groundbreaking machine generated intelligence

Producing unique insights with today’s unprecedented volumes of knowledge

Migrating a company’s business, including software and services, to globally accessible networks

Applying transformative technologies to disrupt and modernize the financial industry

Producing life-changing solutions at the intersection of technology and life sciences

Extending the power of the internet across global platforms and infrastructures

Cracking supply and demand mechanics to power highly scalable businesses in the online environment

Software solutions that are revolutionizing the delivery of products and services

Cyber-solutions that stay on the cutting edge to defend against ever-evolving threats


The evolution of connectivity that will enable the next wave of technological achievements

Leveraging engineering advancements for massive scaling of industry

Devices that independently learn about their environment and make decisions on their own

Introducing a new lens to experience the world

Redefining the backbone of platforms and the concept of trust


Series A Investment

Hiro Yoshikawa and Kazuki Ohta founded Treasure Data, a cloud-native Customer and Device Data Processing Platform. Sierra Ventures led the Series A Round in 2013 and the company was acquired in 2018.


Seed Investment

Varun Badhwar and Gaurav Kumar founded RedLock, a public cloud security company focused on mitigating risks for enterprises on their migration to the cloud. Sierra Ventures led the Seed Round in 2016 and the company was acquired in 2018.

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