Reify Health

Ralph Passarella - Co-founder & CEO
Michael Lin - Co-founder, President & Executive Chairman

Reify Health is paving the way to faster, predictable, and more accessible clinical trials. Through its business entities, OneStudyTeam and Care Access, the company provides best-in-class trial optimization software and transformative clinical trial infrastructure that delivers research directly to more healthcare providers, communities, and patients wherever they are. Through partnerships with top biopharma companies, thousands of research clinics worldwide, and leading healthcare & community organizations, Reify Health is helping bring new medicines to patients faster, one trial at a time.

"Mark and the Sierra Ventures team have been outstanding partners and advocates for Reify Health throughout our work together. They bring a wealth of enterprise software experience and a strong healthcare network to our team and are always willing to help however they can."

Ralph Passarella

Co-Founder & CEO,Reify Health

Ralph Passarella