Dora Prado

Dora Prado


Dora Prado joined Sierra Ventures in 1995 and has been a vital member of the team for over 25 years. Dora is the Executive Assistant to two of Sierra Ventures’ Managing Directors and she manages the executives’ personal and work expenses, daily calendars, meeting communications, and other necessary coordination and projects. She has extensive knowledge about all day-to-day operations of the firm as well as the firm’s history with our executive clients, limited partners, and portfolio companies. Dora has a background as an Executive Assistant, Administrative Assistant, and Receptionist. She is a passionate artist and loves all things related to art, dogs and music.

Areas of Expertise

  • Investor Relations
  • Corporate Finance & Accounting Practices
  • Process Improvement
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Contract Negotiation & Strategic Planning
  • International Operations
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Partnerships

Insights from Dora

What administrative tips or resources would you recommend for entrepreneurs and startup teams?
  • It’s good to build up a rolodex of vendors for events and other office-related activities. Since I support and organize events for my Partners and the firm it’s really helpful to have some go-to people to call on for catering, gifts/SWAG, and venue needs when they come up.
  • Another tool I really like is Mixpanel. While it focuses on sales teams, it has some good features that can be used for administration needs as well. The feature I find really helpful is keeping track of emails I have sent out and seeing whether or not they have been opened.
What is a piece of advice you have for entrepreneurs?
The value of smiling and being friendly is underestimated. Even when you are having a hard time raising money – smile! Having a positive attitude during the whole fundraising process, even if a Partner doesn’t fund the company, doesn’t go unnoticed by the whole team.
What is your best “life-hack”?

Keep a running list of things you want to accomplish, even the small ones. Cross them off once you complete one and add another. Seeing a list of crossed-off items brightens my day!