Bina Technologies

Acquired by Roche »

Offers a big data science platform providing scalable genomic analytics for researchers


“Sierra helped us identify and attract a top-notch CEO.”

Sean Knapp, CTO and Founder


Big Data Analytics Leader
Acquired by EMC


“We solicited venture capital even though we did not need the money. We sought experienced counsel.”

Scott Cook, Founder


Cybersecurity Leader, NASDAQ IPO
and $2.7 Billion Cisco Acquisition

From Idea To Exit

It starts as an idea. Becomes a startup. And grows into a market-leading company. For three decades,
and over $1.5 billion invested, Sierra is there to help every step of the way.

Product Development

Our team's rich experience in product strategy is a valuable resource, as well as the direct feedback we facilitate from over 70 Fortune 1000 CIOs from Sierra's CIO Advisory Board.

“Sierra's expertise was invaluable when it came to honing our product definition. With their help, we evolved from a campaign-driven model in the early days to a strong SaaS platform company.”

Vince Broady
Founder and CEO, Thismoment


We bring you deep experience in developing—and applying—sales strategy that truly works. From building a sales comp plan to developing competitive playbooks or analyzing sales funnels, we work with you to fine tune your approach. And when you are ready, we bring in our CIO and executive council networks so you can talk to them directly about your product.

“Sierra drove our evolution from an investment bank spinout to a leading cloud software company--even helping to build my sales team and making crucial introductions to new customers.”

Carlos Delatorre
SVP, Sales, DynamicOps


We take a very strategic viewpoint of marketing, working closely with our portfolio companies to help them hone positioning and packaging. Often a shift in packaging or a narrowing or widening of focus can lead to new sales trajectories.

“We knew we had to evolve our model to sell more effectively to the enterprise. Whiteboard sessions with Sierra got us to the right answer—Appcelerator Cloud Services was born at one such strategy jam session and we added that key functionality to our platform. Now we deliver very high value and stickiness to the enterprise—and our sales show it.”

Jeff Haynie
CEO and Founder, Appcelerator

“Sierra was proactive in helping us build FrontBridge into a successful company, from the very first phone call when we were a team of 10 to a number of key partner introductions including Microsoft, which led to the successful acquisition.”

Steve Jillings
CEO, Frontbridge

Business Development

Working with Sierra means access to our extended networks. Explore partnership opportunities with our Industry Executive Council. Identify and get introductions to the technology partnerships that will reduce friction in your go-to-market strategy.


Many of your most important early decisions will be about when to build the team and who to hire. We help you navigate this process, from strategy through execution, and help you build the right team as you grow. The Sierra network includes proven heads of sales, marketing and product that have hit home runs again and again.

“Sierra helped us identify and attract a top-notch CEO, who was being heavily recruited. They collaborated extremely well with the founding team, and engaged only when Ooyala was prepared for a been-there, done-that CEO.”

Sean Knapp
CTO and Founder, Ooyala

Partner With Us

The Visionaries

They are inspired pioneers and leaders. Many have devoted entire careers to crafting the future of enterprise
technology. By the force of their intuition, hard work and skill they have created companies and products that
are reshaping industries. We are proud to partner with these visionary entrepreneurs.

Highly lauded Chinese entrepreneur Wayne Dai is shifting the chip industry. His company, Verisilicon, created a "design lite" strategy that frees vendors from designing a System on Chip (SOC) from scratch—and is recognized as one of China's top tech companies.


Wayne Dai
Founder, Chairman, President and CEO

Accelerating Chip Development With a “Design Foundry”

After seeing fingerprint ID systems fail under real-life conditions, Scott Moody set out to create technology that works even with dirty or scarred hands. The result was Authentec, one of the largest acquisitions in Apple's history and positioned to transform the device industry.


Scott Moody, Founder

Transforming the Device Industry With a Fingerprint

Never before has cybersecurity been so crucial to our companies, governments and lives. Early pioneer and author of the open source Snort, Martin Roesch, created Sourcefire (NASDAQ: FIRE) to enable agile security against a dynamic world of attackers.


Martin Roesch, Founder and CTO

Defending Our World From Cyber Attack

In 2003, Steve Nasiri took a chance by pursuing a singular vision to produce the smallest, most effective motion sensors designed exclusively for consumer products. It paid off: InvenSense is the leading provider of motion tracking devices for the consumer market.


Steve Nasiri, Founder
Behrooz Abdi, President and CEO

Creating a New Way For Us To Interact With Our Devices

What started as three guys' vision for a better online video experience has become a company with 200 million monthly viewers and two billion analytic events each day—and critical for 1,000 enterprise customers.


Sean Knapp, Founder
Bismarck Lepe, Founder
Bel Lepe, Founder

Changing the Way the World Delivers Video

From a start in an Atlanta basement, Jeff Haynie and Nolan Wright have created a platform that nearly half a million developers use to mobilize their applications—and led the way in helping enterprises like Merck, NBC and eBay become "mobile first".


Nolan Wright, Founder & CTO
Jeff Haynie, Founder & CEO

Mobilizing Applications Across 130 Million Devices

Long before the term big data was used, Scott Yara founded Greenplum. Breakthrough products and astute leadership vaulted the company into a leading market role, and led to an acquisition by EMC.


Scott Yara, Founder

Driving the Future of Big Data Analytics

Your Partners Along The Way

Sierra Ventures leverages deep operational and executive experience to help you start and scale the next great technology company.

Mark Fernandes
Managing Director
Tim Guleri
Managing Director
Ben Yu
Managing Director
Aaron Tong
Jim Doehrman
Operating Partner
Martha A. Clarke Adamson
Chief Financial Officer
David Schwab
Managing Director
Peter Wendell
Managing Director
Steven Williams
Managing Director
Tim Stanley
Partner, Business Development
Ayden Ye
Vignesh Ravikumar

Meet The Team

Access To Fortune 1000 CIOs

Over 70 Fortune 1000 top technology executives form Sierra's CIO Advisory Board, bringing
strategic insight and relationships that accelerate the growth of our portfolio companies.

“The CIO Board is the best way for me to keep a pulse on cutting edge companies. Sierra is in a unique position to connect my peers and me to smart, current innovators--and I also get the opportunity to help influence new products.”

Tim Campos

Chief Information Officer, Facebook

“Through Sierra, I gain exposure to new companies that are going to shape our world. Industry insiders never seem to see the disruptions coming at them--but engaging with young companies gives us a radically different view of the world and better equips us for change.”

Hugh Bradlow

Chief Technology Officer, Telstra

“If you’ve chosen the right VC to partner with, chances are, they know the industry well enough to give you the perspective you lack. They can help you find that diamond in the rough that will become your next strategic partner or vendor.”

Randall Spratt

Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer, McKesson

“The CIO Board gives me the opportunity to engage with both leading thinkers in my peer group of CIOs and interesting, enterprise-focused startups. I get a head start on planning for these technologies in our products and services, and can work with the entrepreneurs to help them understand our current and future needs.”

Yuvi Kochar

Vice President - Technology, Chief Technology Officer, Graham Holdings

“We’ve started to take more of an ownership role in the innovation process. We’re bringing a portfolio of new ideas to the business.”

Esat Sezer

Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President, Coca-Cola Enterprises

“In the course of our normal duties as senior executives, we seldom allow for emerging companies to land on our calendars. But many of the companies Sierra has introduced me to have become part of my own portfolio or architecture. And, Sierra’s work with these companies increases the probability that they’re relevant to enterprise-level needs.”

Rob Strickland

Co-Founder, Digital Nexus

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