Animal Sanctuary Tour

To keep things interesting while working remotely, the Sierra Ventures team has been organizing a team Happy Hour every other week. In January, our Investor Adam Dawkins organized a “wild” activity for us – a virtual tour of an Animal Sanctuary!

We connected with King Wolf Animal Sanctuary through Airbnb Experiences to enjoy a virtual visit with the animals on their farm. King Wolf Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit that provides a forever home for animals that have been neglected, severely abused, or need a safe home. Their 13-acre facility in Ramona, CA is home to over 50 rescue animals.

They took our team on a great virtual tour of the farm grounds and we got to meet the animals up close. We met alpacas, horses, mini horses, pigs, goats, ducks, chickens, dogs, cats, and even a half-wolf!

Check out photos from our tour below.

A big thank you to the King Wolf Animal Sanctuary team for the fun activity and for the work they are doing to rescue animals in need!

Check out the King Wolf Animal Sanctuary website for ways to donate and support the organization.

To learn more tips on ways to keep Remote Teams engaged check out our blog post on Virtual Team Building Activities

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