Sierra Ventures Invests in Omniex, Leading Crypto-Asset Investment Platform

Omniex Holdings, Inc., Announces Closing a $5 Million Seed Round of Financing from Institutional Investors Including Sierra Ventures and Wicklow Capital.
Omniex is building a crypto-asset operating platform for investment managers and active traders, offering a complete solution for the investment and trading of cryto-assets.

The company is tackling the lack of market infrastructure in crypto-assets, the main barrier to entry for institutional investors. With total crypto-asset market capitalization surpassing $200 Billion in 2017, new and existing institutional investors lack the market infrastructure to efficiently access this asset class. Omniex is building software infrastructure that integrates front, middle, and back-office services to simplify access and remove fragmentation.

Hu Liang, Founder & CEO of Omniex

Omniex’s co-founder and CEO, Hu Liang says “Institutional crypto-asset investors have higher standards than the general retail market. Our team is applying what we learned from building asset management and high-performance trading platforms for traditional asset classes to crypto. We’re accelerating the institutional adoption of this new asset class.”

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