Applitools Raises $31M in Series C Funding

Applitools, the leader in Application Visual Management, has raised $31 million in Series C Funding, bringing the total amount raised to $46 million. The company is an Israeli startup founded in 2013 that has tens of thousands of users across 300 companies. Applitools’ service has provide over 100 million visual comparisons and 1 billion component level validations.

Applitools developed the first and only Visual AI Engine that mimics the human eye and brain reliably and quickly. Applitools Eyes, the company’s Automated Visual AI Testing and Monitoring Platform, leverages the largest data set of UI validations in the world, and achieves 99.999 percent accuracy (i.e. less than 10 false detections in a million comparisons). The company’s AI engine continues to evolve through machine learning by analyzing millions of new images on a daily basis.

Applitools CEO, Gil Sever


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