Regulus Cyber Raises $6.3M in Seed & Series A Funding

Regulus Cyber, the Israeli startup developing security and mission reliability to autonomous vehicles and drones, raises $6.3 million in Seed and Series A funding from Sierra Ventures and 3 other investors.

Over the next 20 years the autonomous vehicle market is expected to grow into a $700 billion industry as robots take over nearly every aspect of mobility. The increase in autonomous vehicles comes with the greater risk of hacking threats and attacks.

The security of autonomous vehicles is a concern that all automakers and OEMs are faced with since the very sensors that are at the heart of the vehicles (e.g., GPS, LiDAR, radar and cameras) are vulnerable to attacks. Regulus Pyramid GPS SP for autonomous vehicles and drones is a standalone module that integrates seamlessly with any vehicle. It is designed to protect the GPS system from spoofing attacks by differentiating between reliable GPS signals coming from satellites versus attack signals coming from illegitimate sources. The Pyramid GPS SP is a very small module (under 50 grams, 2 ounces) and is the first commercial grade solution to detect spoofing attacks on a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

Ben Yu, Managing Director of Sierra Ventures says, “We are very excited to lead this round of financing. Sensors security for autonomous machines will become as important as processors security. Regulus identified the key vulnerabilities and developed the best-in-class solutions. Having been working with the company since seed funding, Sierra invested with strong confidence in the team to build Regulus into the category leader.”

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