Boomtrain Acquires Messaging Platform NudgeSpot, to Deliver Seamless Communications between Businesses and Customers

Above: Boomtrain’s cofounders Christian Monberg, President & CTO (left), and Nick Edwards, CEO, (right). Photo provided by VentureBeat.

Boomtrain, a marketing platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to drive relevant interactions with users at every touchpoint, announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire partner,India-based Nudgespot. Nudgespot has built a live chat messaging platform that will integrate into Boomtrain’s technology to deliver a seamless experience for businesses to communicate with customers and visitors on websites and in mobile apps. Boomtrain and Nudgespot initially partnered nine months ago, and have been co-developing a product that combines Nudgespot’s platform with Boomtrain’s AI technology. Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

The combined companies will be creating a communication platform to be called Boomtrain Messenger that will give businesses a new means of communicating with customers.

Additionally, the acquisition will increase Boomtrain’s presence in Asia and facilitates expansion in the business to consumer messaging space.

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