Workshop Video: Annual Planning for Startups

Written by

Sarah Recinos

Published on

October 13, 2021

Watch the recording of our Annual Planning Workshop with

Jeff Martin – Founder & CEO of Collective Genius

Planning is an important part of running a company at any stage, but is even more critical for a startup given the constant changes and shifts that Founders navigate at the early stage of their business. Even if sometimes you feel like you don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, your employees, customers, investors and other stakeholders will want to know where your company is headed in the future. This is why planning and revisiting your vision on a recurring basis can be helpful.

Successful planning starts with:

  • Creating organizational alignment
  • Developing focus
  • Implementing a cadence to stay on course

This is accomplished by: 

  • Pre-planning
  • Following a planning methodology
  • Implementing a weekly meeting focused on solving problems

Check out the written recap from the Annual Planning Workshop here.

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