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Sierra Ventures 2022 CXO Tech Survey

2022 CXO Tech Survey

The Annual Sierra Ventures CXO Advisory Board Tech Survey gives us insight into the Enterprises’ views and priorities for 2022. The Sierra Ventures CXO Advisory Board includes F2000 Technology Leaders (CIOs/CTOs) across industries including Financial Services, Healthcare & Pharma, Manufacturing & Energy, Retail & Consumer, and Technology & Internet. Responses were solicited from more than …

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2022 Investment Trends - Sierra Ventures Blog

Investment Trends for 2022

The world is ever-changing and as an early-stage technology investment firm, we consistently evaluate our investment thesis to ensure we’re backing the companies that are moving the world forward. Looking into 2022, the Sierra Team reflects on the trends we’re seeing now and on the near horizon, including: “Technification” of Industry Verticals and Infrastructure Democratization …

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Why are Goldman Sachs & WSJ using data from Drop?

Over the past few months, the Wall Street Journal and Goldman Sachs have begun to use Drop’s data highlighting insights into consumer spend and income during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even cloud juggernaut Snowflake is using as a featured dataset during demos with their customers. Why is that?’s market validated database has access …

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Machine Learning Operations Blog Post

Opportunities in Machine Learning Operations

Many companies are exploring utilizing machine learning (ML) technology, however, getting a model deployed and into production is no easy feat. Many data scientists lack the necessary tooling to properly train, manage, and deploy ML models.  Machine Learning Operations, or MLOps, is commonly viewed as the application of DevOps principles to machine learning systems which …

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