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Why are Goldman Sachs & WSJ using data from Drop?

Over the past few months, the Wall Street Journal and Goldman Sachs have begun to use Drop’s data highlighting insights into consumer spend and income during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even cloud juggernaut Snowflake is using as a featured dataset during demos with their customers. Why is that?’s market validated database has access …

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What Investors Look for in Artificial Intelligence Startups

What Investors are Looking for in AI/ML

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have enabled machines to begin to outperform humans in areas like picking stocks, interpreting X-rays, and language translation. AI enables machines to perform human-like tasks with increasing degrees of autonomy by learning from experience and adjusting to new pieces of information.  Businesses are eager to use AI for new opportunities …

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Sierra Ventures - Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

We Will Do Better

Fast forward more than 56 years since the 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington and emotions today range from sadness to outrage at what we have not accomplished in over a generation, and now amplified to crisis proportions by the police killing of George Floyd. So, what can a 15-person venture capital firm do better? …

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