About Us

THREE DECADES of experience.
Over $1.9 BILLION invested.

Since 1982, Sierra has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs around the world begin and grow successful technology companies. Our passion is finding the right combination of innovative technology and talented entrepreneurs, and guiding them with expertise and capital to help companies grow and deliver on their promise. Together with our vast network of successful entrepreneurs, Fortune 1000 CIOs, operational executives and deep domain experts across many areas, let us help you build the next great technology company. 

Investing In The Future of The Enterprise

The History of Big Data Value

Well before the term “big data” was used, we were already investing in companies finding new value in massive datasets with Teradata and Greenplum. We followed with companies cracking the formula on the next wave of big data opportunity: delivering enterprise analytic applications, like Alpine Data Labs, and creating value in key vertical industries, like Adometry (media) and RUNA (eCommerce). We’re thrilled to have been there at the beginning of one of the most disruptive enterprise opportunities in over a century — and be investing now in the next era.

The Future of Mobile

The market has only just begun to tap the opportunity of the massive shift to mobile—and Sierra Ventures portfolio companies are paving the way for a new era of mobile innovation. AuthenTec, one of Apple’s biggest mergers in its 36 year history, is widely expected to drive a new era for the bellwether company with its mobile security technologies. InvenSense is making it possible to interface with electronic devices through motions in free space. And Appcelerator is fundamentally changing the app development processes of this new era.

The Genesis of Tomorrow’s Cloud

Back at the turn of this century, when SaaS was still called ASP, we were investing with Frontbridge, a pioneer in anti-spam SaaS acquired by Microsoft. We followed with Makara, one of the pioneers in PaaS (acquired by Red Hat), and the leading SaaS CRM provider in China, 800Apps. Before the conversation has shifted to optimizing and simplifying virtual infrastructure, we were investing in this enterprise future with companies ranging from DynamicOps (acquired by VMware) and Opalis Software (acquired by Microsoft)—to emerging disrupters like ElasticBox.

The Core of Today’s Infrastructure

Over two decades ago, Sierra Ventures invested in Stratacom, which later became the core of Cisco’s networking infrastructure. From IBM’s acquisition of Micromuse to Eltek’s acquisition of Valere, which formed one of the world’s largest data center power systems providers, our portfolio companies have helped drive the infrastructure of a new era. Now, a changing landscape is bringing other Sierra investments to the forefront, like Sourcefire, acquired by Cisco for $2.7 Billion dollars, and Ooyala, harnessing and monetizing today’s exponential growth in video content.

What’s Next?

We believe that the future of the enterprise is approaching fast—and will be driven by emerging, disruptive technologies like the ones we are investing in today. Transformational innovation in key verticals; the introduction of gamification technologies into the enterprise; social with real impact; the application of chemistry and physics to disrupt mobile and power industries—there are just some of the areas where we seek, study and invest in the future of the enterprise.