New Fund for the New Year

Tim Guleri

by Tim Guleri

We are thrilled to share the news today that we have raised Sierra Venture’s next fund, Fund XI. With the New Year just beginning, we are ready and fired up to continue investing into entrepreneurs and the technologies they bring to market that will transform and disrupt industries.

We were pleased to welcome new investors into this Fund and all institutional investors from Fund X who returned to participate in Fund XI. We appreciate your confidence! This Fund was larger than our prior Fund and was oversubscribed at $170 million.

Since Sierra’s inception in 1982, our purpose and approach has not changed. We will continue to seek out the most innovative early-stage entrepreneurs who want to build a big business. One aspect of our firm’s success is our unique ability to identify and attract those entrepreneurs at a crucial time in their company’s lifecycle. We thrive on building value for our portfolio companies when they need it most.

Narges Asadi, CEO and Founder of Sierra Fund X portfolio company BINA, which was acquired by Roche in December 2014, best describes our partnership, “Since the day Sierra invested, when my company was a raw spinout from Stanford, they have behaved as an extension of the management team. Outstanding advice, real introductions ‘that moved my business’, and sharing a ‘playbook’ was invaluable to me as a first time CEO.”

In this 2:21 minute video interview, my partners and I share our perspective about Fund XI as well as our excitement and anticipation for what’s ahead in 2016.

Fund XI Strategy Video

To read more details about Fund XI, please see Sierra Ventures Fund XI press release.

On behalf of the entire Sierra team, we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us over the last 34 years. We look forward to continued success with all of our ecosystem partners, investors, and portfolio companies. Entrepreneurs who want to build world-changing impactful and long-lasting businesses should consider us their first port of call. We are here, charged up and ready to go!

Tim Guleri

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