Sierra’s Fund XI Investment Strategy

Sierra’s investment strategy for Fund XI will remain the same as Fund X and the new fund will be managed by the same partners, Mark, Tim and me.

Our primary focus areas are IT and consumer technologies. For each fund, we are looking for big waves of changes in spending, and then spot new innovations to enable such changes.

In Fund X we rode the wave of consumerization of IT by investing in consumer technologies related to improving productivity or improving people’s lives. These technologies share similar attributes to our core enterprise IT technology investments which continue to be a target investment area. Specifically, we have seen the consumerization of IT develop within Devices/ IoT, Security, Consumer Marketplaces, Mobile, Cloud Infrastructure, SaaS, and Big Data. Many of these sectors emerged as a theme for Fund X, and we expect that to continue into Fund XI.

We are also exploring some exciting new sectors such as Virtual Reality and Robotics. Additionally, I believe Artificial Intelligence holds great promise across many sectors. The technology will become the horizontal platform that covers both enterprise and consumer needs, touching most everything we do.

The phase of innovation and pace of change is accelerating. We consistently see exceptional entrepreneurs bringing us their fantastic ideas, and we look forward to partnering with them through Fund XI and seeing them grow. We are honored to have Behrooz Abdi, President and CEO of Invensense express how our well-timed partnership helped his company; “I am grateful that Sierra Ventures was a strategic backer to Invensense before our IPO. They invest with ‘smart money,’ providing unique resources and financial support to grow companies into market leaders.”

We are excited for 2016 and to start investing with Fund XI.

Ben Yu
Ben Yu-cropped